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A CUMMINS Engine in your FORD truck makes a SUPER SuperDuty!

Attention Ford Truck owners:

Why would you spend thousands on repowering your Ford truck?

Could it be that you already have your Ford truck paid off?

Maybe your Ford truck is in fine shape but with a gas engine it is not worth much and costs a lot to drive?

Or, the old Ford diesel is under powered, tired, or bad and it's going to cost $5,000 or more to upgrade or replace.

                                  Here are a couple of options:

Option 1:

Buy a new Ford truck for $40,000-$60,000 (plus interest) while having an $800 a month payment for 5 years. Your insurance will go up $1000+ a year and your licensing will also be up $500-$1000 a year. Over the next 5 years you will spend somewhere around $70,000 for the new Ford truck.

Option 2:

ONLY spend a fraction of the money to put a Fordcummins Conversion in your existing Ford truck. If you had a gas burning truck, a Cummins diesel engine can increase your fuel economy. This gives you not only big savings in fuel costs but also the renowned diesel performance and reliability found only in the Cummins diesel engine. Your insurance will not go up, and your licensing fees will not increase. Over all you will gain a combination of Reliability, Power, and MPG not seen in a Ford 7.3 Powerstroke®, 6.0 Powerstroke, Ford 5.4, Ford V10, or Ford 460.

We help with the Fordcummins conversion for various trucks, and we specialize in these Ford trucks:

  • 1969-79 F Series Ford truck
  • 1980-97 F Series Ford truck ( including F Super Duty )
  • 1999- up Super Duty® Ford truck & Ford Excursion
  • 2008-10 Diesel and Gas Super Duty trucks

We also sell remanufactured Cummins® engines.

See our new website for more details, or call (406) 755-8878

Imagine - A CUMMINS engine in your FORD truck!

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