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Picking a 5.9 Cummins Engine

Generally, the older Ford trucks get the Cummins older engines and the newer trucks get the newer engines; however, there are several newer trucks with older transplants and plenty of older trucks with newer Cummins engines. Some combinations are more involved than others, however, in the end it is simply a matter of preference. The 5.9 Cummins engines is fairly universal as far as transmission mounting, if a tranny fits one engine, it will fit another (providing the proper adapter plate is used). For states with emissions concerns, the general rule is to go with a Cummins engine of the same year as, or newer than, the Ford truck.

Cummins engine swap preferences to consider are fuel economy, horse power and torque, weather the engine is manually or electronically controlled, noise level, ease of installation, and purchase price.

The 12 Valve

The 89-93 5.9 Cummins engine is readily available, inexpensive, gets the best fuel economy, and has decent torque. It utilizes the Bosch VE rotary pump which can be adjusted to achieve a little more horse power (we can help you do this). This Cummins engine can aslo take an upgrade set of injectors as well as a different turbo housing to gain yet a little more diesel performance. The 89-91½ Cummins engine is non-intercooled (but can be intercooled when doing the Cummins engine swap). 91½ and newer are all intercooled to begin with.

The 94-98 5.9 Cummins engine offers a bit better diesel performance, as well as, great fuel economy. It has the Bosch P7100 inline manual fuel injection pump which produces 160-215HP stock. With this pump, one can easily add 15-95hp by installing a simple fuel plate. We can also sell you a pump that is already turned way up if you are looking for some intense diesel performance. There are also several other horse power upgrades that can be done to these engines with out totally sacrificing fuel economy or reliability.

*Both the rotary Bosche VE and the inline P7100 are very reliable.

ALL 12 valve engines are manual pump engines and do NOT require any electronics from the truck to run.  The simplicity of the 12 valve engine makes it the easiest to install and maintain. 

The 24 Valve

The 98.5-02 24valve Cummins engine is computer controlled and provides ample horsepower stock. We provide a Ford Cummins wire instruction sheet to help you hook up the computer and injection pump on this engine. NOTE: The Dodge PCM is not required to run this engine.

The Common Rail

24valve engine

The 2003-2005 5.9 24valve Cummins engine is referred to as a CommonRail and is an excellent power source. There is a bit more involved in wiring these engines and thus they take a bit more time to do the Cummins engine swap. However, we help you out by rebuilding your Ford engine wire harness so that is plugs right into the Cummins engine wire harness. There will still be a few lose ends to tie up which we will help you with on the phone. These engines are noted as the quiet Cummins engine. For ease of wiring and installation regarding the Common Rail Cummins engine, we recommend using the '03 or early '04 if you have a choice. With slight diesel performance modifications these early CommonRails will put out as much as the later ones and for less money.

While different years vary in regard to these preferences, all of the engines are known for their incredible reliability. Your particular preference will probably be determined most by answering the question of “What do you do with your Ford truck?” If it’s an every day driver and fuel economy is your priority, then the early 12V (89-93) Cummins engine might be right for you. If you need pretty good power but also need to maintain decent fuel economy, then the 94-98.5 12V Cummins engine might fit you best. If you are looking for lots of power stock and a newer, all electronic engine, then you will want the 2003 or newer Cummins diesel engine.