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    RELIABILITY, POWER, MPG - Put a Cummins engine in your Ford truck!

We're here to help you put a tough engine in your tough truck!!!

There are two ways to put a Cummins engine in your Ford truck:

A- Send us your truck...


B- Order our conversion parts.

That's right, now you can have the reliability, power, and mpg of the Cummins engine in your Ford truck.  You can send us your truck and we will install a Cummins engine for you.  Or, you or your mechanic can order our parts to put a Cummins engine in your Ford truck!  With our parts and kits you can install any 5.9 Cummins engine (89-05) into most 1969-2006 F-series pickups whether they are currently diesel or gas (excluding 97 and newer F150's). You will get the Cummins diesel performance that you've heard of with your Ford Cummins diesel conversion.

For the DIY Guy (do-it-yourselfer) we have parts and kits that take the guess work out of the hardest aspects of the conversion process. Pick and choose the parts or kits that you think would benefit you the most.

And, for those of you who would rather have all of the parts that we recommend and provide in order to make the swap go as smoothly as possible for your truck, we put together a "package" for using your Ford transmission with your Cummins engine. (Right now your package is put together for you on the phone as you order your parts. We are currently working on putting them together for you on the web site so that you can see at a glance all that we offer for your truck.)

As with anything worth doing, there is a bit of work involved in doing a conversion.  The Ford Cummins conversion does take a bit of elbow-grease; however, we try to provide you with the custom parts and technical help necessary for you to finish the job right.  Generally, if you've changed an engine before or stabbed a transmission, you can handle the conversion on the earlier trucks with the earlier engines. The later Ford trucks and Ford transmissions and the later Cummins engines are a bit more technical and thus take more time and patience.  If you're up to it, we are, and we're here to help you get the job done. Our goal is to send quality parts and good instructions, as well as, answer any additional questions on the phone until you're on the road again.

*To get started:

A- Call now to line up your truck for a conversion here ...


B- read the CONVERSION OVERVIEW page particularly to put a Cummins engine in your Ford truck (links below),

then call and order your parts.

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