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99+ Ford Super Duty - Cummins Engine Mounting Kit

Replacing a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke

with a 5.9 24 Valve Cummins


Ford 99+ Super Duty 6.0 to 24 Valve 5.9 Cummins Engine Mounting Kit $400

This kit includes the following:

24 Valve to SuperDuty Mount Set FCPN 1037
Alternator Regulator Kit (for Nipondense Alternator) FCPN 1026
Bushing Kit FCPN 1136
24 Valve Wiring Instructions FCPN 1052
Installation Manual - 99+ Super Duty FCPN 1075

When we do this conversion here at FordCummins, in order to make things go as smoothe

as possible, we also use these other parts:

Exhaust Manifold FCPN 1028
Air Intake Kit FCPN 1097
A/C Manifold FCPN 1027
Tach Base FCPN 1194
Tach Mount FCPN 1044
Tach Sensor FCPN 1032
Tach Ring FCPN 1051
Ford gas version Cruise Control Servo See Install Manual
Ford gas version Throttle Pedal
Ford Battery Tray
One end of 7.3 A/C line See Install Manual

FCPN price list (numerical) -go here to see prices of individual parts.

Adapter Plates - see our Adapter Plates page to use the Ford transmission.

Installation Manual - buy one ahead of time to get a jump start.