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80-97 Ford with a 12V Cummins Engine Mounting Kit

12V Engine Kit Includes:

Motor Mounts :    
(these are bolt-in and come with heavy duty insulators)

Voltage Regulator:   
(for using Dodge alternator [Nippondenso style] )

Upper Water Neck:   

This is needed to connect upper radiator hose to stock Ford radiator.

Alternator Bracket:   
(this allows you to reconnect the Dodge alternator to the new upper water neck)

Bushing Kit:  

(this contains a Water Temperature Sensor Adapter, Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter, a 3/8" Compression Coupler [for power steering], and a 3/8” T [for brakes ])

Instructions for these items are included with engine mounting kit.

Tachometer Kits:

These allow you to use the existing Ford tach. Some trucks need only a tach mount and some also need a “tach ring”. Gas or Diesel applications.

Tach Mount:
Tach Base:
Tach Sensor:
Tach Ring:


Exhaust Manifold:  

This will give more clearance between the turbo and the A/C box on the firewall. Re-orientation of the turbo is required. Blocking of the wastegate, or purchasing a different wastegate actuator is also necessary.

A/C Manifold:    

The ’94+ Dodge AC pump fits in your truck. You will need an AC manifold .You will have these lines connected with your Ford lines. This can be done at an AC shop, or even at some Napa Auto Parts stores.

*Please note that the parts listed above are not the complete conversion kit. Other parts may be necessary (such as transmission adapter plates) depending on how you are planning your conversion.

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