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69-79 Ford with a Cummins engine - Overview

What does it take to put a Cummins engine in my 1969-1979 Ford?

70's Ford with a Cummins engine

Here is some information that will better prepare you for this Ford

Cummins diesel conversion. Necessary parts are highlighted.

For cooling you can use a 460 Ford radiator or a Ford diesel radiator. When heavy work or performance is involved it is best to consider a larger radiator; remember, the more cooling the better. For everyday driving the 460 radiator is fine. (If you do use a Ford diesel radiator and your Cummins engine is intercooled, you will need to make sure that the Ford diesel radiator is one that is only about 31" wide. [Some are more like 37" wide...too wide for the intercooler tubes to wrap around.])

When using an intercooled 12V Cummins (91 or newer) you will want to use a 99+ Ford Intercooler or a 91-93 Dodge Intercooler. With either of these intercoolers you can use the 460 Ford radiator.

If you choose to use the 460 radiator with the 99+ Ford Intercooler, just note that one neck on the intercooler may require a slight modification in order to clear the radiator (cut and weld). So, if you get the Ford intercooler with plastic ends, just make sure that the passenger side sticks straight back. If you get the Ford intercooler with aluminum ends, and the passenger side is angled toward the engine, you can fix that one.


We provide you with a bushing kit that will help you install your Ford oil pressure sensor and your Ford temperature sensor units into the Cummins engine so that you can simply plug them back in to your existing Ford engine harness.

Revision To Be Made:

To the Ford Truck:

To the Ford Transmission:

Our custom Ford Cummins engine adapter Plates use the your existing Dodge style starter that is already on your Cummins engine. The starter ends up in almost the same place that the Ford starter was, only it has to be a little bit higher. This requires you to trim your bell housing where the starter will otherwise hit (as illustrated in manual). You will also need to trim the Cummins engine block a little bit in one place to allow the starter to go into the adapter plate straight. (also illustrated in manual).


12V: This Cummins engine is easy to wire as it is completely non-electronic (explained in installation manual)

24V: This Cummins engine does have a computer, but is not too bad to wire as we send instructions with your 24V engine mounting kit that will help you get the job done.

For more detailed information on the rest of the Ford Cummins diesel conversion see the Installation Manual

*click here to see more info on our ADAPTER PLATES



69-79 Ford with a Cummins engine- Install Pictures



This is one of our conversions: 1974 F250 4x4 Cummins ZF 5spd w/A/C. click the picture for the whole story.


Click to see the 1974 Crewcab conversion photo gallery



It started life as a 2wd and we swapped a 1974 4wd frame underneath the cab. It has a 1998 12 Valve Cummins with a Ford ZF 5spd, BorgWarner 1356 transfer case Air conditioning, dual tanks, intercooler, optional exhaust manifold to move the turbo down







On the 79 and older trucks you do have to lower the front cross member about 2 inches. you can either lower a center section or just notch it out to fit with out loosing structural integrity. There is a 79 Ford truck here local that packs a service body and pushes a V plow all winter with no effects to steering or frame whatsoever. If you look you can see how it is cut out. You can see how the frame has been notched in the picture below. In the fourth picture below you can see the ZF 5spd in view there.


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Notice how the crossmember on this 79 Ford truck has been cut. It has been trimmed about 2 inches in thickness in order to allow the pan to fit down far enough. This has not weakened the truck. As you see it carries a 900 lb Boss V plow out front.