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69-79 Ford - 12V 5.9 Cummins Engine Mounting Kit
12V CUMMINS Engine Mounting Kit Includes:  
Motor Mounts (2)  
(these come with heavy duty insulators and are bolt-in)
Upper Water neck:  

Makes the upper radiator hose easier to connect to the stock Ford radiator.

Upper Alt. Brkt.-Dodge:    

Needed when using the water neck above


Bushing Kit:    
(this contains a Water Temperature Sensor Adapter, Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter, a 3/8" Compression Coupler [for power steering], and a 3/8" vacuum T [for brakes & vacuum system])    

Instructions for these items are included with engine mounting kit.




These are not all the parts we offer, but this will get a Cummins mounted in your truck. Check out our new website for more information and prices!









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